Film screening as a part of Миллениалы

When Earth Seems to Be Light

‘Beautifully shot’ – Dazed.

A film about young Georgian skaters, artists, and musicians being trapped between the political and religious powers. They create their own open spaces beneath viaducts and in other ‘non-places’, giving them the feeling of a free existence.

The way the teenagers see it, Georgia is all about the old rather than the new. They get no acknowledgement here, so they spend their evenings throwing Molotov cocktails at a concrete slope.

The portraits of the skaters are based on a series of photos by David Meskhi, one of the three co-directors.

The story is told on the backdrop of the amazing Georgian landscapes, with the wilderness and ruins providing a frame for the characters’ turbulent teenhood.

28 мая 19:15
The Documentary Film Center
Zubovsky Boulevard, 2
30 мая 20:00
Karo October 11
New Arbat Avenue, 24
1 июня 21:05
Karo October 11
New Arbat Avenue, 24

2015, Georgia, Germany, 76 min.

Salome Machaidze,
David Meskhi,
Tamuna Karumidze
Joerg Langkau,
Zaza Rusadze,
Temur Ugulava