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Vladivostok Vacation and the Great Russian Break

The documentary is about a legendary Russian-based band ‘Mumiy Troll’, whose latest US show took place at the key film, music and innovation showcase, SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

‘SOS to Sailor’ is a ‘documentary extravaganza’, a rock-and-roll madness along the lines of ‘Help!’, but most of all, it’s about dreams, ocean, and music.

Combining rare archival footage and amazing animation, the band’s frontman – and the documentary’s co-director and producer – Ilya has called it ‘a realistic setting for the fantasies every rock group has’.

It all begins at the Russian far eastern Vladivostok sea port. The band’s frontman is dreaming about worldwide fame, but ditches his Grammy ambitions… for a sailor’s job on board of a ship. So the entire band embarks on a journey across the globe to discover the places ‘where people love rock’n’roll’.

5 июня 18:00
Karo October 11
New Arbat Avenue, 24

2016, USA, Russia, 72 min.

Danny Drysdale & Ilya Lagutenko
Ilya Lagutenko,
Yuri Loghechnick,
Oleg Pungin,
Evgeniy Zhvidenniy,
Yuri Tsaler,
Grigoriy Romanov
Ilya Lagutenko