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‘An exotically high-toned sort of crowd-pleaser’ – The Hollywood Reporter

Oleg Karavaychuk is the living legend in Russia and beyond, and the mysterious and moving subject of this loving film by the Spanish director Andres Duque, the first ever foreigner to win the trust of the 88-year-old eccentric, and still very active, composer.

In the film, the octogenerian is first seen in an opulent corridor of the Hermitage museum in Saint-Petersburg, delivering a trilling (and very Russian) rant, along the lines of ‘People have lost their soul!’ But it doesn’t take us long to see him play, showing the virtuoso and amazingly experimental piano skills, on none other instrument than the Czar Nicolas’s exquisitely gilded piano.

A peek into the composer’s ethereal realm turning into a meditation on a Russian soul, ambigous, torn, and incredible at times.

27 мая 19:30
The Documental Film Center
Zubovsky Boulevard, 24
5 июня 17:00
The Documental Film Center
Zubovsky Boulevard, 24

2016, Spain, 70 min.

Andres Duque
Oleg Karavaichuk
Martha Andre,
Tanya Ballo,
Louis Minarr,
Серрана Torres