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We are X

‘Proficient and above the norm’ – Indiewire.

X Japan was formed by childhood friends, Yohiki and Toshi, who ignited a musical revolution in Japan during the late 80s, created a famous Japanese cultural rock phenomenon called ‘Visual-Kei’, and were the biggest Japanese superstars in history: 18 sold out nights at the Tokyo Dome venue hosting 55,000 spectators, over 30 million albums sold worldwide.

But their success never translated to the West, and the group eventually broke up in 1997, leaving millions of devastated fans and the frontmen battling with their physical and spiritual demons.

Twenty years afterwards, renowned director Stephen Kijak traces their super-stardom and dissolution up to the present day, as X Japan prepare for a long-awaited reunion at the Madison Square Garden.

Tune in for the story of the most influential band in the world that you haven’t heard of… yet.


US Embassy#

3 июня 19:00
Karo October 11
New Arbat Avenue, 24
5 июня 17:00
Karo October 11
New Arbat Avenue, 24

2016, UK, Japan, USA, 93 min.

Stephen Kijak
John Battsek,
Diane Becker,
Jonathan McHugh