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Meeting People Is Easy

‘…feels like a hangover with a great soundtrack’ – eFilmCritic.com.

Meeting People Is Easy is a Grammy-nominated documentary following legendary British rock band Radiohead on their 104-concert world tour following the success of their 1997 album OK Computer.

Unlike most music-focused documentaries, this film deals mostly with the downside of being on the road: director Grant Gee observes the band as they are booked into a long series of non-descript arenas, invited to perform on award shows where they clearly feel out of place, and repeatedly answer the same questions from an endless parade of journalists, with lead singer Thom Yorke often seeming to buckle under the strain.

The film is an intimate exploration of the effects of super-stardom, and super-stress it entails.



29 мая 22:00
Muzeon Park
Krymskii Val, 2
4 июня 22:00
Muzeon Park
Krymskii Val, 2

1998, UK, 99 min.

Grant Gee
Thom Yorke,
Jonny Greenwood,
Ed O'Brien,
Colin Greenwood,
Phil Selway
Dilly Gent,
Kate Kotcheff