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Look at the pictures

‘A remarkable achievement’ – The Times.

The only thing more candid than legendary photographer Robert Mapplethorpe’s works was his life, pure obsession with magic of photography and of sex.

The authors have unprecedented unlimited access to his archives and work, turning it into the most complete and profound documentary about the provocative and outstanding artist.

Mapplethorpe is the narrator in the film, along with his family and collaborators: due to a few rediscovered interviews, he speaks about his life, loves, and works with shocking honesty.

What we get is a portrait of an artist who contributed to making his medium, photography, valued and respected as a fine art. Even today, his Foundation gives generous gifts to most renowned museums to help them maintain photography collections.

28 мая 19:00
Multimedia Art Museum
Ostozhenka, 16
30 мая 21:00
The Documental Film Center
Zubovsky Boulevard, 2
5 июня 19:00
The Documental Film Center
Zubovsky Boulevard, 2

2016, USA, Germany, 108 min.

Fenton Bailey,
Randy Barbato
Debbie Harry,
Fran Lebowitz,
Robert Mapplethorpe,
Brooke Shields
Katharina Otto-Berstein