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‘An immersive portrait of harmonious dialogue between not only East and West, but also man and nature, the past and the present’ – Variety.

In this film, Oscar-nominated director Paul Thomas Anderson follows Radiohead guitarist – and his frequent soundtrack collaborator – Johny Greenwood to Rajasthan in northwest India.

There, the legendary musician is set to record an album ‘Junun’ (translated as ‘madness of love’) with a host of international artists.

Starting with a single title card briefly explaining Greenwood’s exotic musical journey, the film then turns into an amazing audiovisual experience: the interviews and contextual information are kept to a bare minimum, and we can’t but entirely submerge into the creation of music, and delve into the country in which the sounds are born.

An amazing trip created by a masterful, melodious artistic collective.

28 мая 17:30
Karo October 11
New Arbat Avenue, 24
1 июня 20:00
Karo October 11
New Arbat Avenue, 24

2015, USA, 54 min.

Paul Thomas Anderson
Jonny Greenwood,
Ehtisham Khan Ajmeri,
Gufran Ali,
Shazib Ali
Erica Frauman,
Pippa Robinson