Film screening as a part of Future of the Word

Innocence of Memories

‘Coolly intelligent and noirishly compelling’ – Empire.

Orhan Pamuk, Turkey’s Nobel laureate for Literature, opens a museum dedicated to a fictional doomed love story in 70’s Istanbul, illustrating the fictional with real, tangible artifacts: from 4,213 cigarette butts in a glass case to a collection of salt shakers.

Director Grant Gee interlaces the story of this unique institution’s genesis with that of the romantic encounter that inspired it, a meditation on the city itself, and Pamuk’s relationship to all three.

Documentary and archive footage, interviews with the writer, enactments of the doomed love adventures of the couple, a poetic look at the objects in the museum: all that takes the viewers on an elegant and dreamily sensous tour of memory, longing, love and loss.

Public Talk with Grant Gee, Apollinaria Avrutina and Anna Narinskaya before the show
June 3, 20:00
Strelka Institute

Future of the Word — movie program within the same-name forum held by British Council on 1-4 June in partnership with Strelka Institute For Media, Architecture and Design. The Forum is devoted to new perspectives on reading culture, the publishing industry and creative literary process in the UK and Russia.
The Future of the Word Forum is part of the wider programme for the UK-Russia Year of Language and Literature 2016.


3 июня 22:00
Strelka Insitute
Bersenevskaya Embankment, 14, Bldg. 5A
4 июня 19:00
Karo Ocrober 11
New Arbat Boulevard, 24
5 июня 19:00
Karo Ocrober 11
New Arbat Boulevard, 24

2015, UK, 97 min.

Grant Gee
Grant Gee,
Orhan Pamuk
Pandora Colin,
Mehmet Ergen
Keith Griffits,
Janine Marmot