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Free to Run

‘A stunning story that will make a lot of female runners laugh’ – Madame Figaro
‘An anthem to freedom, with women as its symbol’ – L’Equipe Magazine.

Only 50 years ago, distance running was a Puritan and elitist activity reserved for men. Those who went out running in nature in their free time were seen at best as eccentric and at worst as dangerous. But within the tumult of the 60s, the sport became an act of freedom and self-expression, gradually changing the face of the world.

‘Free to Run’ tells the amazing story of the running movement over the past 50 years, through first-hand accounts, as well as rich and rare historical footage.

It is the story of the right to run, and an exciting exploration of the revolutionary social change that made that freedom possible.

1 июня 21:30
Pioner Open Air Sokolniki
Mitkovskiy pr-d, 10
2 июня 20:00
Karo October 11
New Arbat Avenue, 24
5 июня 17:00
Karo October 11
New Arbat Avenue, 24

2016, Switzerland, France, Belgium, 90 min.

Pierre Morath
Brian Syp
Bobbi Gibb Kathrine Switzer Noël Tamini
Marie Besson Fabrice Esteve Prudence Arndt