Film screening as a part of Future of the Word

Bitter Lake

‘Worrying, beautiful, funny (really), ambitious, serious’ – The Guardian

This documentary takes on a daunting challenge, making a two-hour dive into the troubling history of western relations with Afghanistan over the past 50 years.

The film starts with the doomed dam projects of the 1950s that sought to remake southern Afghanistan in America’s image, then looks at ill-fated Soviet efforts to transform the country, and finally returns to castigate Washington’s second attempt at social and economic engineering.

Drawing from the deep pool of the BBC archive footage, the film is a hypnotic collection of rare snippets from the war-torn country:

A mesmering meditation on What Went Wrong in the country torn by war, violence, and in the long run – the attempts to restore peace.

Public Talk with Adam Curtis and Andrey Loshak before the show
June, 2, 20:00
Strelka Institute



2 июня 22:00
Strelka Institute
Bersenevskaya Embankment, 14, Bldg. 5A

2015, UK, 136 min.

Adam Curtis
Adam Curtis
George Walker Bush,
George Bush,
Joanne Herring
Lucy Kelsall